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Jay Sherrard | CEO Mass Media Films

The founder of Mass Media Films Jay Anthony Sherrard started his epic journey in the film industry during the mid-’90s at Paskal Lighting located in Hollywood California. Paskal was the largest set lighting company in the industry at the time. Jay quickly moved up the ranks at Paskal and honed his knowledge of the film-making process.

A chance opportunity to manage a historic Hollywood film studio propelled his journey forward. During his tenure at the studio, he worked with legends like Spike Jones, Hype Williams, Irv Blitz, and Matthew Rolston to name a few. While working with these industry giants Jay was inspired to become a director himself.

Jay formed his first production company “Big Game Productions” to support his craft as a music video director
and eventually built a world-class roster of directors.

Jay’s new vision, Mass Media Films is slated to be one of the industries premier commercial production
companies. Jay’s business motto is simple “Give more than what your client asks, and exceed their
greatest expectations!”

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